Monday, April 02, 2018

Animals that Fool You

For wild animals, April Fool’s isn’t a one day event. While the act of pranking in the human world may be seen as all in good fun, some animal species “prank” each other as a way of survival and they do so in several different ways.

Animals like this Screech owl at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge use crypsis (camouflage) to hide in plain sight.

Image: Danielle Brigida/USFWS
Apparently there is a deer hiding in the vegetation below but I can't see it. Can you?

Image: Peter Rea/USFWS
Mimicry is another way animals protect themselves. Bee flies lack a stinger but resemble bees and wasps and even displays aggressive behavior, scaring would-be predators. 

Image: J. Snapp-Cook/USFWS

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