Sunday, March 04, 2018

Sunday Links

Quilts as Tools for Resistance

This Cyrillic fashion dictionary will tell you if your trendy t-shirt says "Fantastic!" or "Kiss my ass"

Chanel No. 1 You’ve heard that clothes make the man? Meet the suit that made the woman.

Oscar-worthy interiors from 2018's nominees

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The Time Lou Reed Quit Music to Become a Poet 

Route E69: Norway’s icy marvel of engineering Lovely photos Via

A Performer’s Most Prized Possession: Edie Sedgwick’s Hat

6 Nonexistent People Who Were Nominated for Oscars 

Legendary Classical Guitarist Andres Segovia Plays Timeless Pieces by J.S. Bach

How Wild Animals Self-Medicate  Via 

It Turns Out Not All Amy Winehouse Demos Were Destroyed 

Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, Reimagined for Linguistic Transgressions

Renovation unearths Seattle Prohibition-era jazz club art 

Debunked best-sellers of days gone by  Via

The Florida Project’s Food Scenes : The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet is the key to understanding the movie.

Hanover Bald Eagle Camera 2 Via Bruce

Seeking Common Ground in Gun Policy Debates: A Gun Policy Comparison Tool

Make room in your freezer: Jack and Coke Popsicles Are The Official Drunk Snack Of The Summer 

The Lottery Hackers  Gaming the lottery seemed as good a retirement plan as any.

When Keith Haring painted the heavenly body of Grace Jones  Via

Every once in awhile do you feel the need to get away from it all? This Home On The Mountain Plateau Of Tschengla might be just what the doctor ordered.

Burning Out: What Really Happens Inside a Crematorium

Tour Marc Maron’s Garage Before He and His Podcast Move 

Abandoned Places Entirely Overtaken by Nature

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