Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Links

Maya Kulenovic: paintings


“It looked like any neighborhood tavern in Chicago. The beer was cold, the bratwursts hot.” How a Chicago Dive Bar Exposed Corruption and Changed Journalism

Surprise your friends this St. Patrick's day with 54 Irish curses you won't have learned in school

This is kind of fun. Pick a country on the map. Pick a decade between 1900 and now. Lean back and listen. Via 

US soldiers in Vietnam get the radio report that they’re going home Via

"To the old bastards May. You can talk about us as much as you like you dirty cows. You bloody fucking sods, you think you are big but we are as good as you. You are bloody dirty or you would clean the yard sometimes you bloody rotten buggers." ‘The Littlehampton Libels’ by Christopher Hilliard 

The Women Who Lived With The CIA Via

A funny best man speech 

Almost all plastic in the ocean comes from just 10 rivers Thanks Bruce!

“I’m on the edge of crazy when I’m laying brick” Bricklayers Think They’re Safe From Robots

Her Tiny Apartment is New York's Most Secret Jazz Club

I Am the Very Important Longread Everyone is Talking About Trust me, once you make it to the end of this thing, it’ll all make total sense, and you’ll feel as though everything — literally every question you’ve ever had about the world — has suddenly clicked into place.

The Irish-language classic song Trasna na dTonnta has been beautifully recrafted by Cork-City native Lenii.

Thomas Guide maps: The rise and fall of Los Angeles' directional holy grail

A Day In the Life of a Line Cook at One Of NYC's Fanciest Restaurants Thanks Bruce!

The Onstage Origins of Van Morrison's Legendary Astral Weeks

Come Out Of The Closet With Gay Bob, ‘the world’s first gay doll for everyone’

The Revolutionary Legacy of Surya Bonaly, a Back-Flipping Figure Skater  Via

Danchi: A Photographic Journey Into Japan's Public Housing Projects

The Death and Life of a Great American Building For decades the St. Denis and the area around it has been a haven for psychotherapists but they are being pushed out by non-renewal of leases or skyrocketing rents.

Merriam-Webster adds 850 new words to online dictionary 

The Sad Story of the Moriori, Who Learned to Live at the Edge of the World

Explore London with this huge collection of videos of journeys along the city's streets. Via things magazine


Lsamsa said...

The 'I am the very important longread...' article made me laugh, yes out loud.
What made me smile & feel so sad at the same time...US Soldiers find out they're going home.
Thanks for all your posts.

The Nag said...

I'm boning up on my Irish curses.