Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Secret Musical Life of S-Town’s John B. McLemore

S-Town was an absolutely riveting and disturbing podcast. It now appears that John B McLemore had interests that he did not reveal in the podcast.  In 2012  McLemore asked American musician Tor Lundvall for permission to upload a mix he’d made of some of his ambient pieces. Lundvall agreed and his label, Dais Records shared the the mix on social media to promote Tor Lundvall Remixed in Three Movements.
Five years later Lundvall went online to see if that mix was still up and was surprised at what he found. He discovered that John B. McLemore, an old-clock restorer in Woodstock, Alabama, was the same musician with whom Lundvall had exchanged emails and letters. Now, Dais is set to release Witness Marks: The Works of John B. McLemore – five original ambient compositions and field recordings that McLemore had sent back in 2012.

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