Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Links

I’m in London and kind of busy. I preposted some London themed Sunday links for you.

1868 – the year that your socks could kill you 

Museum Celebrates Hunk of Fat that Nearly Flooded London with Feces: Pieces of the Whitechapel fatberg, which once weighed more than a double-decker bus, are now on view at the Museum of London.

Women's March through London (1915) 

Fashion fit for a suffragette procession

An Interactive Map of Grim London Via

London’s Bizarrest Final Resting Places

Oldest Footage of London Ever 

The Execution Dock in London was used for more than 400 years to execute pirates, smugglers and  mutineers

If London Were Like New York A peep at London after the American invasion of 1907.

The Truth about the Eccentric Jane Lewson who died aged 116 in 1816 She was reputedly one of the figures who may have provided the inspiration for Dickens’s Miss Havisham in Great Expectations.

Noli me tangere During the Blitz, Londoners rallied for concerts held in the vacant National Gallery, whose treasures were stored deep in a distant Welsh mine—all but one work, Titian's Noli me tangere. What was so special about that painting?

A tour guide to great lives: Women's London by Rachel Kolsky

London Scenes In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Films 

There's A Silly Old Bear Afternoon Tea for fans of Winnie the Pooh.

Tolmers: Beginning or End? A classic documentary depicting a fight by local residents, small businesses and squatters in central London to stop their neighbourhood being destroyed by property speculators. See Part 2

A Secret Bit Of London's Roman Wall You Can Actually Walk Through

A public toilet in Tottenham is a new pub 

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“If London were like New York”, is hilarious.