Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Links

The Neurological Disorders in Alice in Wonderland 

Musicians Backstage in the 1970s Via everlasting blort 

10 Outstanding Short Stories to Read in 2018

The Russian Villagers Living In The Shadow Of A Nuclear Tragedy Russia's Mayak nuclear facility spewed deadly radiation 60 years ago but was never closed and few moved out. Alarming numbers of people there are dying.

52 Places to Go in 2018 Lovely!

The Boulevardier because winter cocktails don't need “seven sticks of cinnamon, half a holly tree or a metric ton of cloves, mulling spices or liquor that tastes like cookies”

Does This Sweater Make My Butt Look Big?

Property of the week: a converted courthouse in Sweden’s Avesta

Photographer Dave Carswell uncovers the DIY basketball culture of the Philippines Thanks Bruce!

If you like chili and games you'll like this: 9 Great Chili Recipes (Perfect for Game Day!) 

Awake Under Anesthesia

Holidays in Soviet Sanatoriums

How Americans voted (or not) in the last election

I Made the Pizza Cinnamon Rolls from Mario Batali’s Sexual Misconduct Apology Letter 

One Mystery Man Is Responsible for the Entire Sea Monster Porn Genre  Really!

What Happens When There's a Madman in the White House? No, not that one.

What workers around the world do for lunch

The Encylopedia of the Missing: She keeps watch over one of the largest databases of missing persons in the country. For Meaghan Good, the disappeared are still out here, you just have to know where to look.

Estonian food trail: a local’s guide to Tallinn’s charming Kalamaja district 

Hilarious Kitchen Fails I can relate to these.


Cyn X said...
:0 scary stuff. didn't realize he was that bad but then only recently read he drank so...
great list as usual. ty! :)

The Nag said...

It surprised me too. I knew he was a weirdo but I guess he had staff he could trust to keep most of it under wraps.

Cyn X said...

different era. still considered the presidency worth protecting or at least the image thereof. heh..unlike today where the current resident considers it more like just another TV show. ugh!
w/ all the stuff that has come out long after presidents have left office makes me wonder just how much we don't know about what is really going on now. press is much more 'intrusive' but also have a president that is much more shady so.... be nice if we got more details in real time but guess not. & yeah i know we do get a lotta stuff now but really feels more like 'smoke & mirrors' misdirection than reality. as he would say...'sad'. heh... so glad you posted this. again..ty! :)