Sunday, January 07, 2018

Sunday Links

Image: Mark Holzman 
How to Take a Picture of a Stealth Bomber From Above 

How To Know If Your iPhone Battery Needs Replacing 

Largest Early World Map: Urbano Monte's 60 sheet manuscript World Map.

Derry Moore’s nostalgic images of India’s disappearing heritage buildings 

Floating Homes for the Stateless Vietnamese in Cambodia

Expert re-creates the shoes of 5,300-year-old Otzi the Iceman, down to the bearskin soles and hay-stuffed lining

The Problem With 'Areas of Interest' on Google Maps Via 

Frost Flowers: Beautiful but Rare Wonders of Nature

New Latin State Mottoes for the 21st Century 

Will it casserole is a column where we see meals, dishes, and cuisines re-imagined and transformed into casseroles.

David Bowie’s vintage Volvo, reflecting the discreet, quiet book lover behind the wildly changeable performer, fetched $218,000 at auction

Mattias Adolfsson’s Wildly Intricate Sketchbook 

Lemon Pigs Are the World’s Newest New Year’s Tradition 

The Fourth Annual Academics with Cats Awards 2017  Via

A Hit Man Came to Kill Susan Kuhnhausen. She Survived. He Didn't. Ten years later she tells her story.

Is There Something Neurologically Wrong With Donald Trump?

Best Japanese commercials 2017

Bombardier Brochure and Maintenance manual 

‘Spalding Gray,’ the Color? It’s a Long Story

The Queen's Shopping Map

'Chains That Set Women Free' - Glorious 19th Century Posters of Women on Bikes

The Best Places to Visit in 2018, According to Travel Experts I've been to a few (Seville, Amsterdam and Carribean Islands), a few more are on my soon to do list (Sao Miguel, Alentejo Coast and Viñales). I'm tempted to add a couple more of these destinations to the list.

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Cyn X said...

Locus futurus magni muri
Future home of the big wall'
do hope when you travel you'll post pics here.
once again lovely post of links. hope you have a good week.