Thursday, January 04, 2018

Currency Blankets

Nick Hiller's great-great-grandfather owned a dry goods store in Detroit in 1904. Hillier has resurrected it as an online shop selling goods for the home. His Currency Blankets Collection features blankets inspired by patterns on banknotes from around the world.

The Peso Blanket is based on Argentina's 10 Peso banknote.
The plum and gold-colored sun is the Sol de Mayo which is also featured on
Argentina's flag and commemorates the May Revolution of 1810.

The Som Blanket is based on Kyrgyzstan's 5 Som banknote.
The face is that of the great Kyrgyz ballerina Bübüsara.
Kyrgyzstan is one of only 48 countries that features a woman on its banknotes.

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