Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday Links

Casey Weldon's “Catharsis”

1965 Beatles Contract Took Anti-Segregation Stance 

The Red Lying Pub or not?

Where the Wild Trumps Are

A master list of the books that the most people loved this year. Lincoln In The Bardo appeared on 22 best-of lists this year. I'm ashamed to say I gave up on it about halfway in.

For puzzle enthusiasts Something to keep you out of trouble over the holidays

Anti-Nazi Christmas Pastoral Letter from the Bishop of Berlin, 1942 Via

Waiting for a miracle: a survey of Stanley Kubrick’s unrealized projects 

Elf Bowling History: It's Not a Virus. It's Not Spyware. Via

So, last week, something pretty tragic happened in our household. It's taken me until now to wrap my head around it and find the words to describe the horror. An oldie but worth sharing again.

Author Elizabeth Berg Remembers the Year She Ruined Christmas

It’s In My Contract  Being a movie star is pretty sweet work if you can get. So are the perks.

7 science stories in 2017 that made us go, “Whoa, that’s awesome” 

Watermill for sale in Mill Lane, Keswick, Norfolk I could live here.

What to do about Kevin: He was friendly and well-educated. He loved his cat, Blueberry Panda. He shouted at demons and started fires.

Spitalfields Life has posted some wonderful images by photographer Donald McLeish (1879-1950)

How to spend two days in Portugal's second city I feel a trip to Porto taking shape...

Welcome to the molly house. 18th-Century Gay Bars

Christmas carols from Alan Turing's computer: the world's earliest surviving computer music recording.

How to Escape a Burning Building 

Someone doesn't like Love Actually 

A Journey Through Havana's Clandestine Book World 

I did not know that Wild Poinsettias Can Grow 8 Feet Tall 

The 20 Most Expensive Photos Sold at Auction (As of 2017)

Is it an Irish goodbye a French exit, or "to leave the English way?"

Were-Cats, The Most Mysterious Cats Of All

Winter palace: Sweden's Icehotel opens its doors

How the past affects the future: The story of the apostrophe


Cyn X said...

ty & Happy Holidays. :)

xoxoxoBruce said...

I was staying at the parador in Oropesa, Spain, that had been the castle of the Toledo family. Around the large courtyard were planters four feet in diameter like you might see a tree in at an American mall. Each planter held a poinsettia at least five feet tall and some much larger. It was a shock after being acclimated to the small plant on the kitchen windowsill.

The Nag said...

Best wishes to you as well!

The Nag said...

Thanks Bruce. I'm not particularly fond of these plants but I keep them going until June when I plant them in my garden where they die in late fall.