Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sufjan Stevens' New Song Is Pretty Good But It Didn't Make The Cut For Tonya Harding Film

Sufjan Stevens has issued a new single, Tonya Harding almost simultaneous with the release of the film I, Tonya but you won't be hearing it in the movie.

His song joins many others that did not make it into the films they were written for. It’s a list that includes Radiohead’s Spectre, Alice Cooper’s The Man With the Golden Gun,  Johnny Cash’s Thunderball, and Blondie’s For Your Eyes Only — all written in the hope of accompanying the Bond films of the same names — along with Paul McCartney’s Same Time Next Year, Dwight Twilley’s That Thing You Do, Frank Ocean’s nixed Django Unchained song, and Bruce Springsteen’s rejected Harry Potter theme.

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future landfill said...

Loudon Wainwright has a lovely song about young skating girls dedicated to Tonya Harding. Being Loudon of course, he introduces it by talking about going up to Washington to stalk her.

The Nag said...

Tonya's Twirls! I used to be a big fan of Loudon Wainwright. Now I'm just a fan.