Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How does a Bowling Alley Work?

Via swissmiss 


Sharktooth said...

Pretty interesting. It was a lot more sophisticated than I was expecting.

The Nag said...

When I was a kid pinsetting was done by young boys who had to dodge the bowling balls.

Sharktooth said...

I played in a league as a kid for one year in the late 60's. A couple of my friends wanted to try it, so I went to. It was all automated there, and a lot of fun. A little expensive though, and we didn't sign up the following year. I think baseball was cheaper and closer to home (bike riding distance).

Bowling really seems to be disappearing. The place where I played as a kid is the only place that's still open down here. I was actually surprised it was still open since the giant parking lot always looked so desolate whenever I drove by. I thought they'd closed down like all the others.

I hadn't thought about bowling at all until earlier this week when one of my co-workers mentioned they were in a bowling league. That's probably the first time I've thought about bowling in over a decade.

It's strange how such a significant part of the culture can just fade away without most people really noticing. I guess I'm just getting old.