Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Links

This Hedgehog is Better at Camping Than You 

From Arsedestroyer to Zoogz Rift: 50 underground albums you've never heard of

Victoria and Abdul: The True Story Behind the Movie Who was this young Muslim man from Agra, northern India, at the heart of Britain’s royal court? And what had his relationship with the Queen of England been like?

Describe Donald Trump in one word and find out how many others have described him the same way.

14 Archaeological Discoveries And Sites That Changed History

Watch a Team of Conservators Clean Queen Victoria's Ancient Petticoat

The 'Bridgehouse' By Llama Urban Design Beautiful.

Bat soup in Palau is pretty intense They're not kidding.

The Poem of the Future, by J.R. Solonche 

How a Retro-Futurist Spends 3 Days in L.A. I've never been even slightly interested in visiting Los Angeles but after taking a look at the interior of the Bradbury Building I am tempted.

Biplab Hazra’s photo of elephants being attacked by mob wins Sanctuary prize The image, titled Hell is Here shows a crowd throwing flame-soaked balls of tar and crackers at the animals, allegedly attempting to keep them away from villages in the Bankura district. Via Bruce

Corner Symmetry: Symmetrical and Surreal Budapest Buildings

Insta-Chaz (@instachaaz) Come for the jokes, stay for the spelling mistakes.

Stash your mash Don't dump your potatoes - freezing your parboiled spuds can make for extra-crunchy roasties. Who knew?

10 Most Mysterious Unsolved Murder Cases of 2017 

A 35 Year Old British Man Who Has Fashioned His Entire Life Around the Year 1946

Poetry of Resistance: Brian Bilston's 'Refugees,' Illustrated and Reversed

Anne Royall, godmother of the muckrakers A Holy Terror, A Common Scold, and the First Feminist Blogger

Canada’s broadcast watchdog says d’accord to the the 'f-word' (but only on French language broadcasts)

Dead grasshopper discovered in Vincent van Gogh painting

The Town Where Trump Can Do No Wrong (I could not live in this town)

An account of trying to live up to the tyrannical myth of the “French woman” who has it all.

The psychological damage done by second hand clothing in Africa.  In Kenya, they are called the “clothes of dead white people.” In Mozambique, they are the “clothing of calamity.” They are nicknames for the unwanted, used clothing from the West that so often ends up in Africa. Via

Ever wonder what Mozart's music sounded like on his own piano? Robert Levin Plays Mozart on the Composer's Original Pianoforte

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