Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Monarch butterfly in Mexico was tagged two months before in Canada

On September 3, 2017  Canadian Betty McCulloch tagged a female monarch butterfly at the Rosetta McClain Gardens in Toronto.
Sixty-one days and over 3,900 kilometres later, the same butterfly was sighted in the natural protected area of the San Agustinos Sierra, in the Guanajuato municipality of Acámbaro. Gilberto Ruiz Parra, who took a photo of the tagged monarch, said the chance to shoot the photo that confirmed that this one insect had flown across much of North America was like winning the lottery.

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Sharktooth said...

That's truly incredible! 3,900 Km in about 60 days averages to about 65 Km/day. They must be floating south on the prevailing winds to maximize energy efficiency.

The Nag said...

So tiny but so powerful.