Friday, September 15, 2017

Tiny Home Is Also An Amp

‘Amplified’ is a house that is also a working amplifier. Brian Crabb of Viva Collective designed the Arkansas home for musician Asha Mevlana, who performs with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

It consists of two separate structures joined by a deck. Part of the house is built on a trailer, which can be taken on the road. Plug instruments into the portable trailer and sound comes out through the front marine speakers. The wooden deck that connects the two volumes can be used as a performance stage too.

More here

Edit: Bruce has provided a link to a story that describes the process of putting this project together


  1. The description of the whole process of putting this project together is fascinating, from the extent of involvement by the TV series to the red tape for the city.

  2. Thanks, I have added the link to the post.