Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Links

The Toronto Tree Tower (above) envisions a sustainable 18-storey high-rise proposal in urban areas.

30 Things My Neighbor Kathy Said to Help Me Bounce Back After the Divorce This is hilarious.

What happens if you look at the solar eclipse without glasses? 

Take Your Camping Gear to a New Level  I'm not a camper but these innovations are impressive.

Voyage to the Otherworld: A New Eulogy for Ray Bradbury

The Scofflaw: 1924 When a Boston banker sponsored a contest to coin a derogatory term for law-breaking drinkers, a Paris bartender took advantage of the buzz and created a cocktail in its honor. Via

French oysters go on sale in vending machines Thanks Bruce!

The Model Village Preservation Society: In the early thirties, the former owner of the Old New Inn, hoping to attract pub traffic, commissioned a group of local craftsmen to re-create the village of Bourton-on-the-Water on a one-to-nine scale, using the same Cotswold limestone with which its more utilitarian counterparts had been built in the seventeenth century.

The 10 best jokes from the Edinburgh fringe 

This tiny house  designed by Modern Tiny Living manages to fit a bathroom, kitchenette, and full-sized bed into just 102 square feet.

Weird Beauty Treatments  Butt facials, snail extract and more

Rescuing England: The Rhetoric of Imperialism and the Salvation Army: How William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, placed the ideas and language of colonialism at the very heart of his vision for improving the lives of Victorian England’s poor.

Online Archive Lets You to Listen and Download 400,000 Free Classical Musical Scores

Introvert Kryptonite: How to Survive a Large Social Gathering

Don't Trash Broken Pottery, Instead Do This With It 

A 19th Century Eating Tour of the Lower East Side

Retracing Willa Cather's Steps in the South of France  Bathed in the breeze, with pine needles dropping on her reposing body, she writes of almost perfect peace, much as her Song of the Lark protagonist Thea Kronberg would do when she was sheltered by Panther Canyon.

What were the tipples of choice in 1862? 

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