Hollywood to Witless Bay: The double life of the Puffin Man

Pufflings venturing out for the first time from Witless Bay Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland, home to North America's largest colony of Atlantic Puffins, mistake the bright lights of the community for the moon and fly toward street lamps and headlights, ending up stranded or run over by vehicles. 55 permanent volunteers from the area and others who travel long distances roam the streets of the town, collecting disoriented pufflings and releasing them the next morning. We were in Newfoundland recently and our friend told us about the Puffin Patrol. Unfortunately we had to leave before we could participate.

Film producer Juergen Schau seems an unlikely person to have started the rescue initiative. Before he came to Newfoundland he spent time with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, from having a drink at a bar with Julia Roberts, walking the red carpet with Jennifer Lopez, showing Jack Nicholson around Munich or attending Oktoberfest with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
 While the bright lights and dazzling parties of the Hollywood life are seductive, there are some things money just can't buy:
"When you see the smile in the morning when we release the birds, then it's happiness. This is the best smile you can have without paying any money for that."

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