Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Mexican Cocktail Made with Tarantula Venom

Romeo Palomares, chief mixologist at the Luciferina Bar, in Mexico City created the Aragog cocktail to impress the bar's patrons. He added tarantula venom to the drink for an extra kick and named it after the giant spider mentioned in J. K. Rowling’s books. Palomares offers his assurance that the cocktail is safe to drink although it causes the tongue to go numb for about 10 minutes and a sensation “between tingling and cramping” in the throat and around the mouth, which lasts for about two hours. Some people experience a slight heaviness of the eyelids, or hypersalivation. I find these side effects alarming but apparently others do not. The bar sells about 200 of these concoctions a day.

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