Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Links

Bamboo Architecture: 14 Sustainable and Spectacular Organic Structures 

How Gregg Allman Kept Allman Brothers Going After Duane's Death

Hear 4 Hours of Jazz Noir: A Soundtrack for Strolling Under Street Lights on Foggy Nights 

A Little Bit of Finland in Paris: The Koti Sleepover Experience

Are you looking for a wax likeness of Jim Carrey? It's creepy as hell but if you want it you can find it (and so much more) at ObnoxiousAntiques 

Tired of feeling like a sardine in a tin when you travel? Me too. This appeals to me: Ferrari Designer Launches World’s Most Luxurious Sleeper Train in Japan

At last: Patagonia Made a Bikini That Won't Ever Fall Off 

For these Philly librarians, drug tourists and overdose drills are part of the job

The last of the tattooed women of the Tharu tribe, documented in stunning photographs

This Catalan Folk Singer Refused to Bow to Oppression The director of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage recognizes the lifetime work of the singer activist Raimon.

When Timbits just won't do: How to Make Eggs Benedict When You’re Stuck in the Office

Seeking Refuge in Vinyl Records During China’s Cultural Revolution  Paganini could never have imagined that his music would be the cause of a bloody brawl between some random Chinese boys.

Norah Jones – Black Hole Sun (Detroit Fox Theatre 5.23.17)

The Eclectic Objects that Inspired Matisse’s Art

Outsmarted: Way back in 1924, F. Scott Fitzgerald figured out something very shrewd about right-wingers. He discovered, and described, an emerging social type: the reactionary pedant.

Memoirs of a Playboy Bunny in 1970s New York City

NewSchool of Architecture and Design Auctioned Off Architects' Napkin Sketches for Student Resources

For its 80th birthday, here are 80 photos of the Golden Gate Bridge 

Was Bobby Fischer crazy? Can chess drive you mad?

The Best Places to Retire in Europe? Alicante and Galway may be great places to be a tourist but I wouldn't care to retire to either place.


xoxoxoBruce said...

No No No, boycott Patagonia. This is a travesty, it’s unnatural, work of the Devil I tells ya.

The Nag said...

They're doing it to thwart you.