Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunday Links


Pictooptic Click New Search and enter a word, any word. It's hypnotic!

What it's like to have a surprise dinner with Mark Zuckerberg 

Belle's hometown in "Beauty and the Beast" is based on the French Medieval village named Conques

How's Your Day? A podcast that tells a story you don't know from a day we all remember. (Via)

Salt Life Uncovering the hidden complexities of the rock we can’t live without. Thanks Bruce!

How to Stay Sane if Trump is Driving You Insane: Advice From a Therapist

Where Totem Poles Are a Living Art (and Relics Rest in Peace) Catherine Porter was taken to a wooden shed behind a former school. Once a nail serving as a latch was removed and the door was pulled back, she saw a 197-year-old totem pole.

Roots of the Blues  (Via)

Stephen Fry faces €25,000 fine over blasphemy complaint In this day and age? IMO totally ridiculous.

How the Overlook Film Festival turned itself into a living, breathing horror movie 

Vegan Tempeh Taco Salad All the things you love about a taco, in salad form. 

6 Free Fonts That Designers Will Love 

Would you stay here? Devon B&B launches an Iron Age hut for guests that has no electricity and a compost toilet. Actually it's not half bad.

What a Physicist Sees When She Looks at a Fancy Gown Events like the Met Gala showcase the inextricable relationship between fashion and science.

Over 10 years, Martha Stewart has quietly become the perfect blogger The best posts on The Martha Blog are anodyne and workaday in a way that implies a life without worry. Via

Oxford comma: Celebrities weigh in on one of the most controversial topics of our time

A Visit to the Museum of Mom Art

It's moonflower o'clock. Time to go to bed. Carl Linnaeus wanted to create the “flower clock,” a garden that would tell the time through plants that open their flowers at different times of day

A Shirt By Frank Foster, shirtmaker to the stars.

The Pets’ War: In early September 1939, the citizens of London set about killing their pets. During the first four days of World War II, over 400,000 dogs and cats were slaughtered, a number six times greater than the number of civilian deaths in the UK from bombing during the entire war.

Romans on the Bay of Naples A spectacular villa under Positano sees the light.


xoxoxoBruce said...

Does Mr NAG have a Frank Foster shirt?

The Nag said...

No but he has some Grateful Dead T-shirts.