Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Friendly Raccoon

This morning I went out to hang the hummingbird feeder and saw a raccoon in the garden. I went inside so he could have a drink from the fountain and watched him from the window. When he was finished he came up to the door and put his nose up to the glass. He also tried to open the door with his tiny hands. (I didn't let him in).


Lsamsa said...

Such a bold visitor...but oh my, what a sweet little face.

The Nag said...

Two years ago raccoons tore a hole in the roof of a small storage building on our property and moved in. They are so cute, especially the young ones, but very destructive.

Janet R said...

My first born was a raccoon. She was orphaned by a person who was sure that her mother must be rabid as she was out during the day. Not the case, raccoon mommas have to grab a bite to eat while the babies are sleeping, just like us. She enriched my life immeasurably for years. She moved out but always came back to visit.