Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Links

My Dearest Beatrice - Photographs and text by Sam Lyne After falling in love at Bletchley Park—home base for code breakers during World War II—in the 1940s, a couple exchanges letters and pictures over the course of four decades. A story of love and devotion reconstructed through found objects.

Laugh to keep from crying A First Draft of History, Told in 117 Days of Trump Jokes

Are you a pizza purist? Should These Foods Be On Pizza Or Not?

Dull Men's Club Where dull men -and women who appreciate dull men - share thoughts and experiences about ordinary things. Thanks Bruce!

The Best Vineyards in La Rioja

Retire Bitch

Calling a Cruise Ship Home:  For little more than the cost of retiring to an assisted-living facility one can enjoy many of the same amenities while exploring the exotic waters of the Caribbean, Asia, Central America and beyond.

Irish Brown Bread Recipe

Design Milk Travels to... Toronto

A new museum for language buffs wants to make America read again

The Greatest French Crime Writer You’ve Never Heard Of now being translated and made widely available.

My Dogs Eat Better Than I Do, and I’m Okay with That Hilarious!

21 Hunter S. Thompson Photos That Prove He Was Larger Than Life

Good Libations: A Southerner's Guide to Drinking  Raising the bar on Southern cocktails. Belly up to the bar for a Lurleen (Bourbon, ginger liqueur, bitters-soaked lemon, grapefruit juice, sweet vermouth, and nutmeg).

Someone Please Rent Texas's New Cowboy Boot House A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a shoe. Thanks Bruce!

The enthralling beauty of China’s night street: French photographer Marilyn Mugo shoots after dark, in a time called the ‘blue hour’ which it is neither night nor day.

Things Steve Delahoyde showed at the last Funny Ha-Ha that people actually paid money to see

A The Problem with My Books Whenever I search for a book, I wonder: how much supervision are we suppose to do when we hire someone to help us get out from under disorder?

When Things Go Missing No matter what goes missing, the wallet or the father, the lessons are the same. Disappearance reminds us to notice, transience to cherish, fragility to defend. Loss is a kind of external conscience, urging us to make better use of our finite days. Thanks Bruce!

To Catch a Rapist  A special-victims unit fights the hidden epidemic of sexual assault that is disturbingly difficult to investigate.

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