Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe

This documentary from Northmen shows Latvian Rihards Vidzickis making a traditional expanded dugout canoe using mostly traditional hand tools and techniques.

The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe by Northmen from Northmen on Vimeo.

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1930s Precursor To Photoshop?

Fotofun produced headless postcard templates to which people could add heads of their choice.


Via Tacky Raccoons

Baby Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet were born just 18 hours apart at Coastal Carolina Hospital. Prior to each baby’s birth, their parents were strangers. When the hospital's newborn photographer Cassie Clayshulte noticed their names she took pictures of the babies side-by-side in their plastic bassinets. Once the babies were at home their parents asked Clayshulte for a more formal Shakespearian shoot.

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Drinking Tea by Lei Xue

Image Credit
The delicate delft patterns on these hand painted porcelain sculptures by Lei Xue clash with their discarded pop can form.

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I Am Inuit

Alaska-based photographer Brian Adams specializes in environmental portraiture and medium-format photography. His project I AM INUIT seeks to connect the world with Alaskan Inuit and the Arctic, through common humanity.

How To Make the Cubano From The Movie "Chef"

I visited Havana a few months ago and found the food underwhelming with the exception of the breakfast omelettes and the one and only Cuban sandwich I tasted. Cubanos were the star of the Jon Favreau indie film Chef. Andrew Rea demonstrates how real life chef Roy Choi made them for the movie:


The Victorian Art of Anthropomorphic Taxidermy

A Field Guide offers consistently sold out taxidermy courses in London. Students are introduced to the art of anthropomorphism, the attribution of human characteristics to animals, plants or non-living things. This practice was most famously realized by the Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter in his Museum of Curiosities which featured wonderful bestial dioramas from a classroom of 48 bunnies in 'Rabbit School' to a wedding party of kittens dressed in morning coats and lace dresses with frilly knickers.

All rodents, insects and birds are ethically sourced and were not killed specifically for these workshops.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Happy 100th Anniversary Of Japanese Animated Film!

To celebrate 100 years of animation, Japan’s oldest cartoons have been put online for viewing.

See The Animal Olympics (1928) here



Two Inch Brush

From the fiery “Cactus at Sunset” to the foggy “Peaceful Waters,” all 403 paintings Bob Ross created over the 11-year run of Joy of Painting are now compiled on an unofficial online database.

More here 

Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power

"Fifty years after the women’s lib movement railed against makeup, we’re still deeply conflicted about the stuff. Is it a tool for oppression—a way to force women to conform to certain standards meant to please or seduce men? Is makeup empowering women, especially trans women like Caitlyn Jenner, to express their identities? Or does the culture of makeup give women more work to do, by making them ashamed of the faces they wake up with?"
Read the story of makeup mogul Helena Rubinstein at  Collectors Weekly

Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power,” is on display at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, 501 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, Florida, through July 12, 2015.

Chicago Gangs Used To Have Business Cards

Photo: Levi Mandel

Brandon Johnson's book, Thee Almighty & Insane, explores the vintage business cards Chicago's gang members carried during the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

More here

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Cereal For Adults Only

Cereal Motel makes NSFW cereals that come in four flavours—Porn Flakes, Vice Krispies, Sugar Tits, and Booty Pops—all with inappropriate cartoon packaging. The cereals from the London-based company cost about $13 a pop here.

Via  Cool Material

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(Related: I'm in London and walked by this place a couple of days ago. Didn't drop in because I actually don't eat junk cereal; I just blog about it.)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The time Jim Carrey sang "Take On Me" on Letterman

 Jim Carrey sang Take On Me and it was incredible.

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Recreating History

Filmmaker Vugar Efendi has paired a collection of film clips with the real footage that inspired them.

RECREATING HISTORY from Vugar Efendi on Vimeo.


Glow-In-The-Dark Constellation Dress

ThinkGeek's glow-in-the-dark dress features a repeat print of constellations that are beautifully arranged all over the sleeveless garment.


There's A Peak Age for Everything

Life isn't a downhill slide from youth - the best may be yet to come. Here's what you have to look forward to:


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Brutalist Sand Castles

Calvin Siebert’s modernist sand castles might just be better than the real thing.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Links

Round Paris with Rodin  As Paris marks 100 years since the death of Auguste Rodin, ‘the Michelangelo of France’, we visit the city’s back streets where he started out, and grand the belle epoque palaces where he ended up

The morning I spent in a broom cupboard with Mick Jagger

Put on your travelling shoes: The Complete Europe Road Trip Map: 49 Places To Visit And Things To Do Across Europe

Racist border policies mean Toronto school board will no longer allow trips to Trump's USA  Toronto high-school trips have become a relic of the past, because the Toronto District School Board will not risk harassment and worse of its students at the US border, where people born to Arab or Muslim families, or in majority-Muslim families, report widespread discrimination. Via PfRC

John Hinckley Is Out of the Mental Hospital: Can a man who tried to murder a president be rehabilitated?

Who has the world's coolest passports?

Great Migrations Following human genes around the world.

Bloggers Share Their Favourite Budget-Friendly Recipes

Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel

Grand jury decides that seizure-inducing GIF counts as a deadly weapon

Catnip Ain’t the Only Plant That’ll Send Your Kitty to Blissville

Elsie de Wolfe, The Colony Club, and the birthplace of American design

24 Before-And-After Photos From The Early Days of Plastic Surgery

Fran Lebowitz: By the Book The humorist and social commentator says her ideal literary dinner party is one that nobody is invited to: “My idea of a great literary dinner party is Fran, eating alone, reading a book.”

Pussy Riot Offers Advice On How To Defy ‘Stupid Ape’ Donald Trump Via Blort

A Sign Thanking People For Not Feeding Ducks Bread Has Gone Viral  I've just seen these signs in London parks and I feel so guilty.

The Internet Is Mad as Hell at Cracker Barrel Right Now -  I like their meatloaf.

Sir Patrick Stewart is Fostering a Rescued Pit and the Two of Them are Adorable 

Why Cystic Fibrosis Patients in Canada Outlive Those in the U.S. Between 2009 and 2013, the median life span was 40.6 years in the United States versus 50.9 in Canada. Canada's public health care system is cited as the reason.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Mr. Nag at the Bell Factory yesterday

Whitechapel Bell Foundry is a business in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and is the oldest manufacturing company in Great Britain. The bell foundry primarily makes church bells and their fittings and accessories, although it also provides single tolling bells, carillon bells and handbells. The foundry is notable for being the original manufacturer of the Liberty Bell, a famous non-religious symbol of United States independence, and Big Ben which rings from the north clock tower at the Houses of Parliament in London.

The Whitechapel premises are a Grade II* listed building. The foundry will close in May 2017, after nearly 450 years of bell making and 250 years at its present site. Pity.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mid-Century Modern Dream Homes Will Kill Your Children

Mid-century modern architecture is designed to KILL YOUR CHILDREN. (Also, moderately clumsy or drunk adults).

Red arrows show the direction of travel of children’s bodies

More here


Tentacled Device Detects Flirting

Ripple, a device designed by students at the Royal College of Arts in London, uses two built-in cameras to monitor the environment around you, sending you a signal when someone’s gaze lingers on you. It's a little obvious and looks uncomfortable but you'll know if someone's interested (so will everyone else).

Ripple video from Huishan Ma on Vimeo.


Phonetically Defined

Wrong Hands

Phases of the Moon


The Human Library Organization

Meet their books

Paperboyo Gives Tourist Attractions A New Twist

London-based paper artist and photographer Rich McCor (aka. paperboyo) adds a simple paper cutout to the foreground of famous landmarks and gives them a whole new look.

Take a look at his Instagram account.

More here

An Unsatisfying Video

Warning: this video from Luksan Wunder might grate on your nerves:

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

15-year old Caroline Baran Nails Metallica's Nothing Else Matters

Caroline Baran, a 15 year old vocalist performs an absolutely amazing Metallica cover with Post Modern Jukebox. 

Smell Like Kitten Fur

Demeter, the fragrance library that  released a cologne with the smell of used paperback books, now offers a Kitten Fur scent because who doesn't wish they smelled like a cat?

Via Boing Boing

More about Demeter here and here

Train Drives Through An Apartment Building. No, It's Not An Accident.

This train passes directly through a 19-storey residential building in Chongqing, China. It is a creative  infrastructure solution for a lack of space in the city. Apparently "noise reduction equipment installed at the station means the train only makes the same noise as a standard dishwasher."


Bedroom from 2001: A Space Odyssey Recreated

Image: the 14th Factory

This replica of the bedroom in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is part of the 14th Factory, a massive art project in a Lincoln Heights warehouse in LA. The uncle and great uncle of Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch worked as draughtsman on that movie and this specific room so the recreation is 100% accurate.
More here 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Life is Better When You Share the Ride

In this animated short film by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs, a lonely widow in historic South Chicago is inspired to start sharing the ride — and sharing her life, too.


British WWII POW Drew Plans for 1930s Caravan While In Captivity. Daughter Turns Them Into Reality

Captain Reginald Newman was imprisoned at the infamous Kuching prisoner of war camp in Borneo during WW2.  During the three hard years he spent there he dreamed of caravan holidays back in the UK. He obtained a scrapbook and coloured pencils and began creating meticulous plans for a luxury caravan he could build upon his release. But when he returned home Newman was so traumatized by his POW experience that he hid the drawings away.
His daughter, Jan Fursier, found the plans and asked Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces to bring her dad’s dream to life:


Embroidered Box Bugs

French embroidery artist Noboru Hoareau stitched this  “embroidery haute couture box bug” series.

Check out his Etsy shop.

More here 

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Drum Selector

Telephones with drum selectors have a cylinder that is rotatable about a horizontal axis instead of a dial. The drum has the ten digits corresponding to ten indentations; The user puts a finger into a recess and thereby rotates the cylinder downwards until the stop is reached. After releasing, the cylinder ran back again.

Der Trommelwahlers were made by Siemens & Halske in Germany in the 1950s.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Princess Tree

The Paulownia is also known as ‘The Princess Tree’ because it was once customary to plant one when a baby girl was born, and then to make it into a dresser as a wedding present when she married. It is named for Anna Paulowna, queen consort of The Netherlands who was born in 1795 and died in 1865. She was the daughter of Tsar Paul I of Russia.

More here

Inuit People Before And After the High Arctic Relocation Program

Before contact with the Western world, the Inuit were a nomadic people but Canadians of European ancestry found that lifestyle primitive and sought to make the Inuit "modern."

In 1950 during the Cold War the USSR began to contest Canada’s sovereignty over its Arctic territory.  In an attempt to exert their own sovereignty and to do what they thought would improve Inuit life, the Canadian government forcibly relocated 87 Inuit people as part of the High Arctic Relocation Program.

This gallery of 41 Photos  from Library and Archives Canada tells the story of the Inuit before and after the relocation.

Photo Shows Resilience And Determination In Syria

Photo by Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images
War photographer Joseph Eid took this photo of Mohammed Mohiedin Anis, 70, smoking his scotch-taped pipe as he sits in what’s left of his bombed-out bedroom in Aleppo, listening to music on his gramophone.

More here 

Le Grand Chat Polymorphe

We are very fond of cats and whisky chez Bellamy and if you were looking to buy us the perfect gift this would be it. This brass, wood and steel cat bar cabinet (Chat Polymorphe) is one of two made by Francois-Xavier Lalanne in 1968Two side wings open to reveal the booze and the cat's head moves from side to side.

Related: Lalanne sheep

London In Motion

Filmed and edited by Marco Sbardella
Music by Dexter Britain - Nothing to fear

Sunday Links

Documenting the Undocumented: The number of migrants crossing illegally from Mexico to the U.S. has declined dramatically. Yet the rugged borderlands of southern Arizona have become a death zone.

The Infinite Jukebox

America’s First Top Model 85-year-old American model, fashion icon, and legend, Carmen Dell’Orefice, is still going strong, though her modeling career has spanned over 70 years.

The 21 most spectacular theaters in the U.S. 

A Sibling's Documentary About His Brother's Mysterious Murder

Fish and Chips, Two Adventurous Cats Who Love Exploring the Great Outdoors With Their Humans

These photos by Nathalie Geffroy will have you dreaming of April in Paris.

The 30 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2017 I've visited seven of these destinations and some, like Buenos Aires, were reasonably priced while others, like Bali, were less so.

17 weird 'smart' gadgets that actually exist  I like the Furbo that allows you to shoot dog treats out of it via your smartphone.

James Beard Awards 2017: Restaurant, Chef, and Media Finalists 

A Rare Look Inside the Library at Grey Gardens

The Opulent World of Qatari Falconry

Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years At the age of 20, Christopher Knight parked his car on a remote trail in Maine and walked away with only the most basic supplies. He had no plan. His chief motivation was to avoid contact with people.

Odd Lots: Curious Objects Up At Auction: Ye olde cockfighting chair, Evelyn Waugh’s ear trumpet, and a singing bird automaton.

Falling in Love with Words: The Secret Life of a Lexicographer

Japan’s top 10 historic hotels and ryokan inns

Origin Story: The Myth of Little John a coyote who made seventies art-world history.

Meet the Companies Literally Dropping ‘Irish’ Pubs in Cities Across the World The Irish Pub Company exports six mail-order bar "styles". Via PfRC

The Restless Ghosts of Baiersdorf

Where To Go Skiing In Jasper, Canada? Marmot Basin! We did it years ago and it's a favourite.

Caramelize onions in the oven, not on the stove

Inch for inch, Turkish Airlines and Air India will give you the most for your money 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Where Butlers Are Trained

A friend's son trained at a school for Butlers and Household Managers in Toronto, Canada. A butler requires a wide range of skills and, I suspect, a lot of patience.

Via Holy Kaw!

Creative Woodturning

Gordon Pembridge spent his first ten years in Kanya and has developed a passion for natural history. Gordon now works for himself and is involved in graphic design, fine art, illustration, photography, 3D design, and woodturning.


What Does A Sloth Say?


Now you know.


The Flying Houses

French photographer Laurent Chéhère's The Flying Houses series was inspired by Menilmontant the impoverished neighbourhood in Paris where he lives.

The Flying Houses
will be on display from 24 March -23 April 2017 at FORMAT photography festival.

More here
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Banksys you can still spot around London

Banksy has painted many murals around London over the years, only for most of it to be painted over and lost forever. Some have survived. I'll be in London for the next while and maybe I'll catch a glimpse of some of these while I'm out and about.

Click for larger image

A post shared by Mari (@maricineri) on

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Who Is "Little Debbie"?

You are likely familiar with the cheerful little girl on packages of McKee snack cakes, a guilty pleasure for some of us. Did you ever wonder whether there was a real Little Debbie? Or is she a fake mascot like so many other brand icons?

Images: McKee Foods Corporation and Women of Distinction

She is 100% real. Her name is Debbie McKee-Fowler and she is Executive Vice President of the thriving company that makes your favourite sugary confections.

Read more about Little Debbie here 

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

This Oscar-nominated short, from Brown Bag Films is based on the 1960s recordings of young children telling Bible stories in a classroom to their schoolteacher. When a film crew arrives at an inner city Dublin National School to record the children, the result is a warm, funny and spontaneous animated documentary.


Gummy Bear Chandelier

When blogger Stephanie Lee was in Osaka's Shinsaibashi shopping district she spotted this adorable Gummy Bear Chandelier and shared it on Instagram.

Via Foodiggity

Making Pictures With Words

A ninth century French manuscript called the Aratea is one of the earliest known examples of the calligram—the artful arrangement of text to form an image, whose form is part of the message.
Each page of the Aratea has a poem by the 3rd-century BC Greek poet Aratus describing an astronomical constellation. The pages also picture images of the constellations made up of words taken from Hyginus’ Astronomica.


More here

Via PfRC

The Oil Paper Umbrella

The oil paper umbrella was used for hundreds years in ancient China, but today only a handful of people know the complex procedure required to make them by hand.

The Oil paper umbrella with hundreds years history from More China 更中国 on Vimeo.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Baileys Irish Soda Bread Ice Cream

Photo: Tara Fisher

In any Irish kitchen there is always a stale piece of soda bread left over in the bread bin, which is a great excuse to make soda-bread ice cream. Roasting the bread crumbs with the brown sugar creates little crunchy speckles throughout. The Baileys adds depth, with coffee and caramel flavor and a silky texture.

See the recipe here

El Sueno: What They Left Behind

Toothbrush? Non-essential. Soap, too. Shoelaces: dangerous contraband. 

Tom Kiefer, a janitor at the U.S. Border Patrol facility in Ajo, Arizona, collected the scant belongings of border crossers out of the trash and photographed them.These failed immigrants were apprehended in the desert on their way to “the American Dream.”

Via The Chawed Rosin