Paris Chimneypots

Chimneypots are a charming part of the Paris skyline. In the 18th century coal was expensive and, because only the rich could afford to have chimneys, they became a status symbol and people had as many chimneypots as possible on their rooftops. Those who couldn’t afford to buy coal had dummy chimneys built to impress their neighbours.

The Victorian era was the 'Golden Age' for chimneypots. During this period, elaborate clay and metal designs were all the rage. Most visitors to Paris, including myself, have snapped a few photos of its chimneys.

Amusing Planet has put together a nice collection of Paris chimneypot photos:

Photo credit: Jessica Mercer/Flickr

Photo credit: Shreyans Bhansali/Flickr

Photo credit: PreteMoiParis/Flickr

And here are some I took a few years ago:

Thanks Bruce!