Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Links 5

This will make your life easier: 19 Things You Didn't Know You Could Wash In The Dishwasher.

The Bright Side Of Awful Things finds the serendipitous silver linings in terrible things in science, history, current events and more.

Sea sponge the size of a minivan discovered in ocean depths off Hawaii

Photographers documented disappearing London in the 1870s

A fine tribute to Madeleine LeBeau on the LRB blog. Vive la France!

For decades, unidentified bodies have been consigned to the back rooms of morgues and all but forgotten. A handful of campaigners are on a quest to find out who they are.

Maps and sites of Elizabethan theatres in London

Going someplace and looking for the best places to eat? You need this.

At first I thought this was a joke. Men who want to be dogs.

Who knew? There are websites that cater to coulrophiliacs, people who love and even lust for clowns.


  1. In the link about the giant Sea Sponge...

    "Wagner also noted that most of the planet “lies in deep waters, the vast majority of which has never been explored”,"

    If this is true

    "...and that “7,000 marine species, a quarter of which are found nowhere else on the planet” are known to live in Papahānaumokuākea marine park alone."

    how can they say this?

  2. I'm more skeptical about those dog wannabes.