Saturday, April 30, 2016

Harvey Nichols Celebrates Vogue's 100th Anniversary with a Centenarian Model

To celebrate British Vogue’s 100th birthday, Harvey Nichols launches a campaign starring Bo Gilbert, the first 100 year-old model to appear in the magazine. This video goes behind-the-scenes at Bo’s photoshoot with iconic fashion photographer Phil Pointer.



Illustration: Jennifer Dionisio

The biohacker movement has made DIY biology a popular hobby. At a Brooklyn lab you can dabble in genetic engineering. Genspace, a kind of co-working lab for scientists, offers a fully equipped research laboratory available for public use for a modest monthly fee.
One teenager diligently working at the lab was diagnosed with ADHD and is using Genspace in his spare time to figure out if he has a particular genetic signature for the disorder. He even got his school to allow him to collect DNA samples from other students for his investigation.

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The North American Bison Will Be US National Mammal

“The National Mammal declaration not only recognizes the historic role of bison in America, it celebrates the resurgence of bison as an important part of the American environment, diet, and an emerging part of the agricultural economy.”
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CV Of Failures

Johannes Haushofer, an assistant professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University, has published a CV listing his career failures on Twitter to encourage others to keep trying in the face of disappointment. The resume includes sections titled Degree programs I did not get into, Research funding I did not get and Paper rejections from academic journals. 

Haushofer says "This darn CV of Failures has received way more attention than my entire body of academic work."

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Jerry Can Bar Cabinet

During WW11 the Germans created an efficient storage unit for the safe transport of fuel. The American and British adopted it and renamed it a Jerry Can, "Jerry" being the slang term used for German soldiers.
Danish design firm One Copenhagen has repurposed "the can that won WWII" into handmade bar cabinets. The cabinets hold 2 x 70cl bottle of liquor and up to 12 glasses and come in a variety of colors.
If you want to buy one it will cost you $679 at aha. Ouch!


The Modernist Homes of Havana

In the 1950s Cuba was riding high, with one of the highest per capita incomes of any Caribbean country and a thriving nightlife; there was also a boom in modernist architecture. In 1957, the last private residence in Havana to be designed by Cuban architect Ricardo Porro was finished. Then the revolution happened and in the 60 subsequent years time appears to have stood still.

(All Photos: Stephen Allen)

A Chart About Nothing

How well do you remember the Seinfeld gang? Not as well as the guys at Pop Chart LabThe Connected Characters of Seinfeld is an art print that catalogs the cast of over 230 characters from Seinfeld.

Click for larger image

Signed and numbered prints are available to purchase from the Pop Chart Lab shop.

Race Of The Penny Farthings 1928

 C. J. Bowtle retains the Challenge Cup for one mile race on the old fashioned "bone shaker"

What's Inside A Fake Cuban?

Lots of allegedly-Cuban cigars are actually fake. If you were to take them apart, you might be grossed out by their contents.


Textile Trees by Lesley Richmond

Canadian fiber artist Lesley Richmond has constructed a series of textile artworks that emulate the natural light and texture of forests. She photographs the trees and prints the images in cotton and silk. She then eliminates selected background areas using a chemical process, leaving the structural image of trees, before painting the images with metal patinas and pigments to create the illusion of organic decay.

A Wildlife Reserve In Busy London

Woodberry Wetlands in the Borough of Hackney in London was created by Thames Water and London Wildlife Trust on the site of a working water reservoir, originally constructed in 1833. The reserve is home to a variety of wildlife, among it kingfishers, reed warblers, wrens, bees and dragonflies. This calm oasis in the centre of the bustling city opens to the public for the first time this Sunday, on May 1st.

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Shot of Duck Family Wins Nature Photograph of the Year

German photographer Andreas Geh  took this photo at the end of May near Lake Maggiore, Italy. He was inspired by these chicks following their parent with tight bonds "like a string of pearls.”
The shot earned him the title of GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2016.

Toddler vs. CEO

Check out the similarities between a toddler and a CEO. Sarah Cooper is a writer, comedian and creator of The Cooper Review

Color Lisa

Color palette masterpieces of the world’s greatest artists.

More palettes

Shorewood Man Builds 12 Ft High Concrete Castle With Homemade 3D Printer

A man in Shorewood, Minnesota couldn't find a tree large enough for the fort he wanted to build so he decided to print one from concrete. Contractor Andrey Rudenko built the castle layer by layer with one of the first 3-D concrete printers.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Grateful Dead "Home Movies"

Nearly 12 months of the Dead on the road from late 1987 to Sept 1988. Filmed by Justin Kreuztmann (son of drummer Billy)


Tinder Date As Art Project

After artists Andy Leek and Daniela Sea are matched on Tinder they decide to turn it into an art project. Each filmed their side of the date. The two sets of films were then cut together to create this documentary.

Two sides of a Tinder date. from Andy on Vimeo.

Via: The Morning News

AnBot Fights Terrorism (As Long As There Are No Stairs)

The AnBot debuted at the 12th Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair on April 21. It was developed by the National Defense University to enhance China's anti-terrorism and anti-riot measures.The Dalek look alike is capable of eight hours of continuous work but, like the Dalek, the AnBot's fatal flaw is its inability to climb stairs. Let's hope the revolution takes place on a flat surface.

More: Boing Boing

Vintage Office Safety Video

The office seems like a safe work environment but just because you work in an office, it doesnt mean you shouldn't be concerned about health and safety.

Via Dr. Caligari's Cabinet

Ritzy Cat Houses

Amsterdam-based Poopy Cat thinks your cat should sleep in iconic landmarks so they made these super strong recycled cardboard houses for your pet. Choose from the Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in France, the White House in the United States, Saint Basil's Cathedral in Russia, the Taj Mahal in India, a Pagoda temple from South Asia, and a Mayan temple from South America.

Check out their Kickstarter.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Being There' Out-Takes

These out-takes behind the closing credits of the Peter Sellers classic 'Being There' must be one of the funniest sequences on film.



World's First Anti-Aging Gin?

“Culinary deviants” and contemporary food design company Bompas & Parr are at it again. They've collaborated with UK-based Warner Leisure Hotels to create an age-defying gin distilled with pure collagen. It's meant to reverse the wrinkles and sagging that occur as the collagen level in our skin declines with age.

Does it really rechannel the fountain of youth? Alas, experts are rejecting the makers’ claims, stating the lack of scientific evidence that collagen supplements can improve skin health. Damn!

More Oddity Central 

Making the Sumo Dohyo

The Dohyo is the clay ring in which a sumo match takes place. It is a circle of rice-straw bales 4.55 meters in diameter, mounted on a square platform of clay 6.7m on a side, and 34 to 60 cm high. The surface is covered by sand. Here is how it is made:

Food Photographer of the Year 2016

Some images that made the judges' final selection of this year's Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition.

Flour Frenzy by Mark Benham (UK)
- overall winner of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2016,
and winner of the The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action category.
Octopus on Ice - by Petra Novotna (Czech Republic)
Winner of the Cream of the Crop category

The Grand Kitchen - by Shoeb Faruqee (Bangladesh)
Winner of the Champagne Taittinger Food for Celebration category

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Savior Barbie Parodies “Voluntourism” In Africa

Barbiesavior is a satirical Instagram account started by two 20-somethings who draw on their experience volunteering in East Africa. It targets "voluntourism", an industry that sees 1.6 million people travel to third world countries each year to volunteer while on vacation. Some experts have called these efforts ineffectual or even harmful to the developing countries they are meant to help.

In one photo Barbie stands in front of a chalkboard in a run-down classroom somewhere in Africa. “It’s so sad that they don’t have enough trained teachers here. I’m not trained either, but I’m from the West,” the caption on the photo reads. In another, the plastic figurine poses in front shacks made from scrap metal and sticks: “Just taking a slumfie… Feeling so blessed.”

Started just a month ago the account has 18,000 followers.

Read more: Quartz

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Men Praying Bitchily In Western Art History

excuse me, do you MIND
I’m trying to PRAY here
no, it’s a PRIVATE prayer
I don’t ONLY JUST pray to YOU, you know
you’re not the only recipient of prayers in the whole world
when I pray to you, you’ll KNOW, trust me

seeing how it’s me that’s holding both keys to heaven
I wouldn’t say you’re in much of a position to bargain with me
about anything, old man

are you there, God?
it’s me,
your worst

See More:  The Toast

Popular Shakespeare Phrases In Everyday Use

On Shakespeare's 400 year anniversary, Welsh comedy actor Rob Brydon demonstrates with a Bernard Levin poem how Shakespearean phrases are so ingrained in our language that we can be oblivious as to when we are quoting him.


Hong Kong at Dusk

Fine art photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze left his native France for Hong Kong and has taken the city as his muse. His series, "The Blue Moment" documents his adopted city at dusk.

Hong Kong looks lovely in blue but I don't think I could abide living in such a densely populated environment. It makes me dizzy thinking of so many people in those little boxes.

Via Curbed

San Buenaventura Housing Complex

The exceptional afternoon sun reflecting those thousands of recently painted small homes just looked so beautiful, and the lower I flew the better the angle, so I just got out my camera, opened the sliding window on my Bell helicopter, and snapped a couple of shots. —Oscar Ruiz

Photographer Oscar Ruiz appeared on National Geographic’s Photo of the Day in 2013 after capturing this image of the San Buenaventura housing complex, located in Ixtapaluca, on the eastern outskirts of Mexico City. The thousands of tiny painted homes look like a Lego construction.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Why This Photo Looks Like a Drawing

Clean lines created by bamboo fishermen drew the attention, and camera lens, of photographer Tugo Cheng, who made this picture of a fisherman at work along the coast of Xiapu, Fujian Province, China.

The first day of shooting was a sunny day with a colorful sunset—beautiful sunlight and reflections, which are the signature scenes of coastal Fujian. The second day, however, was a cloudy day with rain showers. The [photo] outcomes turned out to be unexpectedly interesting when the elements appeared flattened without shadows and the image was distilled to purely lines and shapes, like a black-and-white drawing.

More: Behind the Picture

Dino Lamps

Do you love prehistoric decor? Light up your cave with a diplodocus, triceratops or T.Rex. These Dino Lamps from Firebox cost around $43 apiece.

Via Geekologie

The Surprisingly Recent Invention of the Tea Bag

On August 26, 1901, two intrepid women filed a patent (US723287) for a rather unique (at the time) “Tea-Leaf Holder” that is remarkably similar to the modern tea bag.

Roberta C. Lawson and Mary Molaren of Milwaukee, Wisconsin had identified an issue with the way tea had been commonly brewed for thousands of years: making a whole pot of tea used too many tea-leaves which became stale if not used right away.

"So they invented an open-meshed woven cotton bag, “folded over upon itself and stitched along its side edges, forming a pocket-like construction having a flap at its open end… with the flap at the upper end folded down over the top end of the pocket and inclosed…”
However they were unsuccessful at bringing their product to market. Despite not inventing the product,Thomas Sullivan, a New York tea importer had more success.

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Mt Fuji Themed Toilets

These luxury toilets by Japanese company Taikou Juken add a view of Mt Fuji to your bathroom.

Via RocketNews24

Miniature Cabin Installed Over New York Manhole Covers

Smökers is a site-specific installation by American artist Mark Reigelman II that has been placed in three central Manhattan locations. It consists of a miniature wooden cabin that replaces the brightly colored plastic steam tubes that channel and release steam. This is a more attractive solution with smoke emerging from the cabin's chimney.

Creatures Made from Bicycle, Car, and Motorcycle Parts

Brittany-based artist Edouard Martinet transforms discarded bicycles, cars, and household objects into beautiful animal and insect forms.

Robin. Bronze, one of an edition of 12 copies, 22 x 32 x 18 cm. LEGS: springs , pieces of costume jewellery; BODY: children’s tricycle fender; FEATHERS: hood ornament of a Citroen; WINGS: petrol tank plates of a 50s motorcycle Monet-Goyon, bike chain guards; TAIL: car part, motorcycle decoration; EYES: marbles; HEAD: two seed scoops, ornaments for bike lights; BEAK: autoscope part, bike ornament.

Sardine, 25 x 70 x 11 cm. BODY: Moped chain guard covered with multiple bicycle logo badges; HEAD: Solex front fenders, car bumpers. EYES: Flashlights; GILLS: Car door parts, bicycle chain guards. TAIL: Motorbike exhaust pipe; FINS: Cake tins.

Martinet takes about a month to make a sculpture and will often work on two or three pieces at the same time. It took him just four weeks to make his first sculpture and 17 years for his most recent completion!
Martinet will open a new exhibition of work at Sladmore Contemporary in London starting May 5th, 2016.

Kiss (Extended)

Summer Pierre made this comic last summer for a Prince themed art show.

Like what you see? Her work is available for purchase here. Thanks Bruce!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

An Endless Stream Of "Epic" Music

I currently listen to This American Life while I toil on the treadmill because I'm a bit of an old fogey. Maybe I should ramp it up with Epic Music Time, a website that plays only epic music,  just the thing  for "working out, gaming, focusing/staying awake". Like Nemesis from Two Steps From Hell, for instance.

Via Boing Boing 

Little Stressbusters

Stress is a normal part of everyday life- we all experience it. We worry about our jobs, our relationships, our busy schedules... Carol Bourne provides some little exercises you can do anywhere to dissolve the surface tension and give the body some more space and energy.

Go ahead: draw a figure eight into your palm, chew your food longer, stick out your tongue.

Read about simple stressbusters and how to use them at  Rejuvenation Lounge

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Björk TV 1988

Watch adorable Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk take apart a TV in 1988 to show its "scientifical truth" and to warn against lying poets...


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Anxious Anticipation

'Anxious Anticipation’  by photographer Aaron Tilley and art director Kyle Bean show accidents just moments before they happen, causing the viewer to feel suspense.

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Old Saucer Into Bird or Butterfly Feeder

A pretty feeder made from a saucer, a bit of broomstick and rebar. Even I can do this.


Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings

These lovely images from the New York Public Library's Trouvelot Astronomical Collection show space as observed throughout the late 1800s.

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