Friday, March 18, 2016

Italy’s Answer To Absinthe

The Tamango Pub, near Palazzo Nuovo in Turin, is home to a strange ruby-coloured cocktail of the same name. The 85% alcohol libation, a mix of African plants and roots,  is said to have hallucinogenic effects. Tamango must be enjoyed in small quantities or you'll end up travelling from the centre of reason and logic to something resembling the crazy world of Alice in Wonderland in a matter of minutes. A review on Yelp describes the Tamango experience:
It hits you, and it hits you hard. Imagine a cheap vodka that burns but this one burns 3 times as worse. Should you gulp; something I highly discourage, the burn will be felt all the way down your throat.
You've been warned.

Read more here about the effect this pseudo absinthe has on the drinker.

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