Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Ballymena Bunker

Do you suffer from nucleomituphobia (the fear of nuclear war)? Fear no more - now you can have your own bunker where you can hunker down in safety with a couple of hundred of your friends and loved ones. The Regional Government Headquarters in Ballymena,  Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland was built to house up to 235 peoples in the event of nuclear fallout. The 3.74-acre, heavily-fortified site up for sale for just $830,000 (£575,000), available to any concerned citizen looking for an underground safe haven.

The bunker was built by the government towards the end of the Cold War. It contains dormitories, kitchen facilities, a television studio, meeting rooms, decontamination chambers, and it is also well stocked with canned foods.

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