The Evolution of the Car Seat

Early car seats were more focused on keeping kids from pulling dad's hair and allowing them to look out the window than keeping them safe. It wasn’t until the mid ’70s that advocacy for children’s car safety finally began to make an impact and car seats were designed for safety. I remember my sisters and I rolling around the back seat of my dad's Studebaker.

The Bunny Bear Company designed a model that hooked onto the back of a seat like this vintage one above, which you can buy on eBay (although I don't know why you would).

In the 1940s the chairs were boosted up so kids could see out of the windows.

The Ford Motor Company's "Tot-Guard" hit the market in 1968. It was a
plastic chair that had a padded area in front of the child's face and acted
as a cushion upon impact.

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