Saturday, August 08, 2015

The "Infant Liberation Front" Colouring Book

Scarfolk Council is Richard Littler's blog about a town in North West England that got stuck in 1979.
Much has happened since my last post about the town, including the formation of the ILF (Infant Liberation Front), a terrorist organisation for the under-10s.

The group published The "Infant Liberation Front" Colouring Book in1973 that outlined their aims and depicted recommended acts of terror which could be easily carried out before bedtime.

"The ILF's goal was to create a paedocracy, but not only; it also wanted "the freedom to eradicate all grownups (without having to get their permission first)" To this end the group would go to any lengths. Hordes of children roamed the streets (after they had completed their homework) hunting stray adults, and in 1976 alone 250 grownups disappeared or met their fates."
Thanks Bruce!

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