Satanic Drawings Found In An Abandoned Detroit House

Joseph Goeddeke found these drawings in an abandoned Detroit house that he was inspecting for asbestos while working for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The house was scheduled to be demolished later that day and Goeddeke saved the art. One of the pages is signed “Clifton Harvey” and dated“12/79."  Nothing more is known about the artist.

The Metro Times’ Lee DeVito has asked that anyone knowing who Clifton Harvey is or was contact the paper at

More: Detroit Metro Times

Thanks David!


  1. That's hilarious - Clifton Harvey is a young graphic artist living and working in Toledo, Ohio, about an hour south of Detroit! His work is beautiful and fantastic. He's one of my favorite artists, and before I moved out of that city, I purchased a couple of his prints.

  2. I checked him out before I posted the story and thought he was probably too young to be the artist who dated his work 1979, unless the date was fake?

  3. That's interesting! I would assume that the date is fake, given the other similarities (same name, same general region, artists). Unless the younger Clifton Harvey had an ancestor who was also an artist. Still, some of the attitudes depicted in these drawings seem to be from a more contemporary/progressive period. Either way, I hope that the finder saved these great pieces!


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