I Remember Mr. Potato Head Before He Became a Plastic Phoney

The Mr. Potato Head toy, first marketed in 1952, originally came with  facial features on sharp spikes that we kids stuck into a real potato or a carrot, or an apple. "Any fruit or vegetable makes a funny face man," reads the package to the original Mr. Potato Head.

The 1968 Mr. Potato Head On The Moon was one such toy, imploring kids to use a cucumber for a spaceship. It wasn't until the 1970s that child safety laws outlawed the old-fashioned spiky Potato Head pieces.

Mr. Head originally came with a pipe, but had to give up the habit in 1987 when he became a spokespotato for the Cancer Society.



  1. Me too! I remember the REAL Mr. Potato Head. Nostalgia comes in oh-so-many forms.


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