Dream Rooms In Dolls' Houses

 Small Stories: At Home in a Doll’s House is an exhibition at the V & A Museum of Childhood in London that shows histories of domestic life across the centuries using dolls’ houses.” To add a modern touch to the show,  19 designers have each created their “dream room” inside a 30cm wooden box.

Wilderness Dreams by Orly Orbach“Orly wanted to represent the idea of dreaming in this room, using cave drawings and wild animals. She’s quite into Jungian symbolism, the idea of an archetypal primeval wildness that we can access even in our civilised times through our dreams.”

Library (a Recent Plan) by Emma Mawston, Liberty Art Fabrics Interiors.
“Liberty looked back to the early 1900s and took a real library plan from the archive. The craftsmanship in this is amazing: the wallpaper, the vases, the little books. The rug on the floor was hand-embroidered by students at the Royal School of Needlework.”

Room with a View by Nancy Edwards“This is inspired by London’s skyline. These iconic buildings are used to create furniture: the bed is one of the pods in the London Eye, the tower of Big Ben has a swing underneath, the Thames is sewn into the carpet.”

Photograph: V&A Photo Studio

More: The Guardian


  1. Royal School of Needlework? Had to look that up, it's a fascinating charity.


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