Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pets Swallow The Darndest Things

Who knew there was a contest for radiographs of weirdest things pets ingest? Here are a couple of the 2014 X-Ray Contest Winners:

DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital
Portland, Ore.
A 3-year-old male great Dane was observed repeatedly vomiting and retching all day.
Abdominal radiographs revealed a severely distended stomach and a large quantity of foreign material.
During exploratory surgery performed by a DoveLewis veterinarian, 43½ socks were removed. The patient was discharged home one day after surgery.

Mary Green, DVM
Animal Emergency of Pasco
Port Richey, Fla.

A client with a dog named Woof called, saying her dog had eaten a rubber duck. Her 3-year-old son had lost his rubber duckie, so Mom, unable to find it after a month, bought him a new one.
Watching her son in the tub, she saw her Woof, come in, nose around in the water and gulp down the duckie. 
Radiographs found five rubber duckies. Every time a duck went missing, Mom would buy a new one. 
We surgically removed the flock along with a toy truck tire and a piece of another toy, and Woof did very well.


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