A Cocktail Served with Opium Incense and a Mirror

"Forever Young is inspired by Oscar Wilde's famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. The Langham opened in 1865 and Wilde was one of its most famous regulars—parts of the novel were actually written here. The drink echoes the story of Dorian Grey, the young gentleman obsessed with eternal youth who signs a contract with devil. The drink is served behind a mirror fitted with a small hole for a straw. The set up allows the patron to look at their own reflection while they enjoy the drink. The ingredients also hint at the idea of eternal youth: vodka (water of life) and vermouth (originally used as a medicine) combined with fresh citrus, maraschino liqueur and eucalyptus syrup. It tastes clean and refreshing, with very long finish, and a heady aroma thanks to opium incense placed behind the mirror.”
 CondeNast Traveler