Drinker at Yukon Watering Hole Purposely Swallows Human Toe

On Saturday night a patron at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City deliberately swallowed the severed toe in the establishment's trademark Sourtoe Cocktail. The man, a card-carrying member of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club, drank the cocktail, swallowed the toe, put $500 on the table and left. To gain full membership in the club people agree to abide by the club rules, including a $500 fine if the toe is ingested.

(In case you're wondering, people donate toes lost in accidents or through illness, or have stipulated in their wills that they want a toe or toes donated to the bar.)

More at  The Globe and Mail

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  1. What a bell-end.

  2. I had to Google bell-end. I guess I agree.

  3. Which human body parts can you drink in Niagara on the Lake?

  4. Not sure about Niagara on the Lake but I'm predicting the rise of the Sournose cocktail in Toronto:


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