Thursday, May 30, 2013

Doug Stanhope Raises $100,000 for Atheist Tornado Survivor

Comedian and atheist Doug Stanhope has raised more than $100,000 for a woman whose house was destroyed in the Oklahoma tornado last week. When CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked Rebecca Vitsmun if she "thanked the Lord" for her family's decision to leave their house before it was destroyed by the tornado she told him that she is an atheist.

Why would Stanhope do this? He explains at the Atheists Unite website:
The impact of getting Rebecca and her family properly housed by the atheist community will do far more good than sitting in bars or chat rooms mocking people of faith. Like religion, free-thinking will be more easily spread through compassion and decency.

If you donate to the cause there are perks. They include a prayer from Stanhope -- "twice as valuable as a real prayer or your money back" -- for $10, a "get out of hell free card" for a $50 donation, or even a dishwasher-safe holy grail with "special powers" for your $10,000 donation.

Via  Phoenix - News 

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