Why The City of London Is Not The City Named London

I've walked through the City of London many times but thought it was just another area like Bloomsbury or Chelsea. Now I know better.

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  1. From a british perspective, we just frown and say 'I thought everybody knew that?'

    But no, there are a lot of brits who know not that most of London is NOT the City of London.

    It makes for an interesting walk, to circumnavigate the Wall, or the sites where it once stood.

  2. And it's worth noting, that where a road or street has in it's name 'gate', (cripplegate)it's not necessarily anything to do with gates of the city. It's more likely to have old norse 'gatan' (a street) as its origin.

  3. I'll be visiting London in either October or early in 2013 and I'll definitely do the Wall walk. Thanks Soubriquet.

  4. Is this why they say 'The City' when they mean the financial district?

  5. They say "the City" when they mean the city. However, as The City of London is home to much of the financial district, I can understand the point.



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