Sunday, April 29, 2012

Biba Nova

When I was a little Nag there was a commercial for VO5 shampoo that featured Rula Lenska. Who, you might ask, was she? Damned if I knew. I'm posting this video mainly because it's proof that this "unknown celebrity" actually existed.

The Redundant Variety Hour Via Blort


  1. There was a tv series called rock follies, from which this was taken, about three women trying to make their way in the pop music world, being ripped off by record companies etc. second series was called rock follies of '77, and my ex-wife loved it. They released a record, which went to no 1 in the charts, and the ex, of course, bought it. None of the songs on it was as dire as Biba Nova.

    Rula Lenska married tv hard-man actor Dennis Waterman, they later divorced with claims that he'd hit her... in 2012, long after the dust had settled, Waterman admitted that it was true, yet bizarrely claimed that she'd made him do it. Lenska's been in a whole lot of british tv dramas, she's a well-known face, but is not, nor ever was she any sort of superstar. Mostly just a middle-of-the-road actress.

  2. Thanks, now I know more than I need to know about Rula Lenska ;)

  3. If you watch Coronation Street, you'll know Rula as the character "Claudia Colby"...Audrey's rival hairdresser friend.

  4. Thanks! I dumped cable and haven't watched Corrie in a very long time.