Shoebox App

I'm getting an iPhone next week. This is one app I'd probably use.

The fastest way to scan old paper photos and share them with family and friends.Bring the albums, scrapbooks, and photo-filled “shoeboxes” out of the closet and into an online, shareable space where they can be organized and shared with family and friends


  1. Ha! I thought this was going to be a scary one (since it's Halloween and all, and it started kinda spooky). but yes, awesome app. PS just got my new iPhone. Wait till you get a load of the voice recognition!! Woot!
    PS thanks for mentioning us on the blog last week!

  2. Don't forget to back up those files.

  3. First I'll have to figure out how to use it. I'm sure it will be an improvement over my superannuated Blackberry.


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