Curse of the Crying Boy Picture

The year is 1985. the place is the Mining town of Rotherham in the UK. Ron and May Hall had been the victims of a devastating house fire, the result of an unattended chip-pan, which reduced the lower story of their terraced house to ashes.
Although the ground floor was ravaged and reduced to little more than charcoal and cinders, there in the middle of all the devastation remained one solitary item, completely untouched by the inferno that had raged about it - A cheap framed print of a crying child.
Ron Hall's brother was a Rotherham-based firefighter. and he told Ron that his station manager had told him that he knew of a number of other incidents where the same print - The Crying Boy" had remained unscathed after infernos had reduced the rest of the building to ashes.
This story was picked up by the media and it gripped the nation, culminating in a public burning of the cursed artwork. Was it cursed or is there a more rational explanation?

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  1. I remember hearing this as a child, my aunt had the painting and would scare us with the story. Her version of the painting was this one... he was the image of her son Toby, which made it even more scary.

  2. If I were you I think I might have set fire to the painting.


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