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Smugopedia is a collection of slightly controversial opinions about a variety of subjects. We offer you the chance to buy a fleeting sense of self-satisfaction at the small cost of alienating your friends and loved ones:

It's only worth bothering with sushi if you're going to go to the Tokyo Fish Market. Nothing else is really fresh enough to capture the perfect simplicity of toro or uni. 
Socrates' speech on love in the Symposium--arguing that love is merely a longing for immortality and ideas are immortal--is just a conceit of the intellectual. I prefer Aristophanes' speech, imagining a world in which humans were once four-armed, four-legged, and two-headed balls who tumbled around doing cartwheels, each one split in two and yearning to find their other half. 
Stanley Kubrick
Although Clockwork Orange and 2001 are enjoyable films, Stanley Kubrick's artistic triumph was clearly Barry Lyndon. Its cinematography is flawless.

That Kubrick bit? I have said it many times. I wonder how many friends I've alienated.

Thanks Bruce!


  1. Sharktooth10:04 am

    Oh, pshaww, they all pale in comparison to Dr Strangelove.

  2. I was unimpressed with Barry Lyndon when it first came out but watched it again a couple of years ago and was blown away nby the beauty of it.

  3. If you alienated them, they weren't friends.


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