Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Claus Detector

Thomas Cane’s “Santa Claus detector,” patented in 1996, combines yuletide spirit with cold-hearted espionage. Kids booby-trap the hearth as shown on Christmas Eve, and if the decorative ribbon is pulled during the night, the stockings light up, giving proof of the fat man’s visit. “This is particularly important to young children, providing reassurance that the child’s good behavior has in fact been rewarded by Santa Claus.”


  1. They have clearly missed the point. Any attempt to trap, document, photograph, or ambush Santa will lead to that house being crossed off the delivery list for that year, and a big red "WARNING" notice going on next year's list. You could be grown up by the time he forgives you.

  2. Did you learn this the hard way, Soubriquet?

  3. I did. I'm still on the naughty list, and awaiting review. I've changed houses several times, even countries.
    You'd think he might be a bit more forgiving. And it's not my fault he wasn't wearing a flame-proof robe.
    Somehow he managed to suppress publication of my instamatic snaps, world-wide.
    I might just feed laxatives to his reindeer again this year.

  4. Shame on you! That won't get you back on the nice list.