Kodak Color

I knew that this little piece of footage was in good hands. I learned that the flicker that you will see is a result of two different things. First, early cameras were hand cranked, or hand wound, to feed the film through. This could result in slight variations in speed. Second, there could be uneven densities in the film itself because of its age. These two physical characteristics combine to produce the "flicker" that you see. There are digital enhancements that can be made to address this but we thought it better to keep this in its original form.

I wonder, who were the ladies in this test? Were they Kodak employees? What kind of lives did they lead? Those questions are lost to the ages.


  1. Anonymous12:11 pm

    beautiful. It has a million times more emotion than all the digital mess we use now. Its a shame that we accept the convenience at the expense of our dulled emotional response.

  2. Anonymous12:09 am

    so enchanting. one of the women is mae murray. not sure about the others. thanks for sharing this! you are mentioned on laughingsquid.com!


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