Why don't you pick one up and smoke it sometime?

Mr. Nag and I have many scintillating conversations. Tonight's whiskey fueled discussion focused on Ernie Kovacs, the fifties comedian of Hungarian descent. Yes, you heard that right. All I really remember is the sensational photo of him dead in his wrecked Corvair, blood and all, that was plastered all over the print media of the day. Also that he was married to Edie Adams. Mr. Nag admitted that her suggestive Muriel cigar commercials pressed all his boyhood lust buttons. Ironically it is speculated that Kovacs may have lost control of his car while trying to light a cigar.


  1. Don't know about the cigar urban legend but: Adams & Kovacs definitely worried about dying in a crash together so they sometimes took separate flights; Edie started doing the cigar commercials after Ernie's death to keep her family (including step-children) afloat financially -- these weren't rich stars (Ernie owed a ton to the IRS and Edie paid it all off after his death) but Ernie was clearly on the verge of something. Edie pushed my buttons, too, as the kind of woman you'd want beside you through life's battles. The fact that she had such warmth and (how can I say this) comfortable sex appeal was a bonus.

  2. I understand that on the night of the accident they drove home in separate vehicles from a party at Milton Berle's house. I didn't know it was because they were afraid of a car crash. I was a little kid when it happened but somehow was exposed to the death photo and never forgot it.

  3. Sue Dunham7:43 am

    Hoowee! That's one sexy cigar commercial.
    I remember Ernie for the wonderful Nairobi Trio skit.

  4. Sometimes a cigar is not just a cigar.


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