Canadian CSI eh?

This amused me.I am Canadian and I have traveled all over Canada. I have never once heard about pronounced aboot. How aboot you?

I have seen the whole of the internet


  1. Honestly? NEVER?? I've travelled in your lovely country too, and yes, I've heard it "aboot" half the time. To me, it's a French influence, so it sounds classy.
    But then, I'm from Minnesota.

  2. Anonymous2:01 pm

    I'm originally from Quebec and have lived in B.C. and now Ontario and can't recall ever hearing that in everyday conversation. However, on radio and TV I've heard Maritimers speak that way. Could it also be a rural versus urban thing, I wonder.

  3. I was speaking to someone from the southern states here in Argentina yesterday. When I told her I was from Canada she said, "But y'all don't have an accent." She sure did but I'll bet she didn't realize it. Maybe I say aboot and all my friends and family do as well and we don't even know it.

  4. Anonymous4:59 am

    Nope, I have never heard this in my life (and my father's family comes from Newfoundland), though I have often been told by non-Canadians that we all say this. Which is just as crazy and untrue as a Canadian I know who once insisted we don't actually say "eh?" all the time.

  5. Thanks, Azahar. I love it when people agree with me.


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