Dog urine causes cancer not pesticides?

This pisses me off.

One Bark at a Time has posted a photo of this sign that is unfortunately less than 50 meters from my house. It makes me uncomfortable having people like this in my neighbourhood.
Some time ago Niagara on the Lake was also centered out for having dogs barred from the post office. The local postal workers used to give cookies to the dogs until the grinches stepped in.
What's up with these people?


  1. It's like that in Toronto too. I haven't actually seen any signs quite as hateful as the one you posted, but I feel like a criminal these days whenever I walk the dog that I babysit from time to time. God forbid if the poor dog should so much as even SNIFF at a plant on someone's property. All hell breaks loose and people literally come flying out of their houses (I swear they are on broomsticks!) and start yelling "get your damn dog off my property" etc., etc. It's absolutely horrible, and I feel particularly offended because I am one of those very responsible dog walkers who never goes anywhere without being armed to the teeth with plastic baggies for stoop and scoop purposes.

    I don't know when all this dog hatred began. It wasn't like this when I had my own dog back in the early 1980's until the mid 1990's, but I have certainly noticed a huge increase in anti-dog feeling in the last few years.

    My theory is that now that nobody smokes anymore, all these new dog-haters are actually all the former rabid anti-smoking mobsters. (And no, I do not smoke, so I am not calling them that for personal reasons. I just object in general to "holier than thou" attitudes about anything.) They have all been hiding out for a while because they haven't had a good target at which to direct all their pent up self-righteousness. But now they've discovered dog urine, and, hey, who could argue against that? My guess is that, for these venomous souls, dogs have become the new cigarettes. Of course, for mean-spirited people like this, it was just a matter of time before they would latch onto something new to make their warped little egos feel superior again.

    Sigh. Whatever happened to live and let live?

  2. In Europe they have a very different attitude and dogs are even allowed in restaurants.

  3. Donald L. Combe8:50 am

    When I came upon this professionally created signage at the corner of Regent and Queen Streets I reacted with a mixture of disbelief, disappointment and anger.

    This is the most mean-spirited expression of the "worst of Niagara" . Reaction from the "locals" is predictably sadness and from our visitors and tourists comes the silence of incredulity.

    How do we respond?

  4. Where's the edit button? I need to enter a {{fact}} template on that last assertion.

  5. I'm surprised that the Advance hasn't picked up on it.

  6. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Small town minds.

  7. Donald L. Combe8:39 am

    It is doubtless best that the Advance has not written on this display of vindictiveness as any statement might well provide encouragement to others with like minded venom to spew.

  8. The sign has disappeared! I want to know who's responsible so I can snub them.


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