Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's raining cats and dogs

I've neglected my garden for two weeks (vacation and visitors). At this time of year it could mean I've lost the battle with Mother Nature. Black spot, aphids and weeds, weeds, weeds. I worked as long as I could in a torrential downpour, filled a garbage can with weeds and got the lovely plants my sister bought for me in the ground.

This smoke bush is flattened by the rain.

Bedraggled roses against a shed that needs paint.

The force of the downpour removed the petals from the poppies.

Buddha looks serene behind the bamboo.

Picked some downtrodden peonies.


  1. I like the way that poppies look when they lose their petals.

  2. Very sculptural. I used to incorporate the dried pods in floral arrangements.

  3. It's lovely to see your summer garden.

  4. I'm glad you like it.