Saturday, January 26, 2008

Worth a second look

I recently watched Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece Barry Lyndon. On Demand is featuring a whole slew of Kubrick films as well as a documentary on the director. I'd seen Barry Lyndon before, likely on a 14 inch black and white tv, and totally missed out on the beauty of the film. Watching it on a big screen hd tv made me realize that each shot resembled a painting by an Old Master as opposed to a colourless postage stamp.
I watched the Kubrick doc first and learned that the cinematographer used lenses developed for NASA which Kubrick discovered in his search for a lens that could film in low-light situations. The super-fast lens allowed him to shoot scenes lit with actual candlelight. It was the largest lens aperture in film history. The scenes below show the film's dream-like quality:

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