Saturday, January 19, 2008

They find filth so you won't have to waste valuable time looking for it.

Does it offend you? Yeah!
Scared to take your kids to the flicks in case they have to sit through naked cartoon animals and rude words like 'ass'? Fear not! A variety of parental and religious websites have sprung up, telling you exactly what offensive material you will encounter.

Can you guess which orgy of filth this is:
Some wooden puppets wear plumber's pants, exposing painted bottom cleavage. A female dragon falls in love with a donkey. We see a gingerbread cookie shaped like a man being tortured by being dunked into a glass of milk. An ogre showers with mud, jumps into a pond and passes gas (we see bubbles emerging from the water, and we see his relieved look and dead fish float to the surface).

(It's Shrek)

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