Thursday, October 04, 2007

Aujourdhui le Pompidou

I have been almost everywhere in Paris at one point or another over the years but until today I had not been to Le Centre Pompidou. Either we arrived on a closed day or the lineups were too long or it was closed for a gala. It was always something. Today the stars were in an auspicious alignment and we finally got to visit this magnificent modern art museum. We spent most of the day there and had lunch at Georges,
a restaurant with a wonderful panoramic view of Paris. The meal was nothing really special . We had three courses each (but just omelettes for the main), a half bottle of good Sancerre, water and coffee. It came to $150CDN. The food was adequate but the view was worth
every penny and we'll definitely go again. (Admittedly one can get the same view without going to the restaurant but everything looks better through une verre du vin, n'est-ce pas?) The art collection was impressive as were the two exhibitions. Artists that worked when I was very young, like Pollack and Rothko and who would once have been considered cutting edge are old masters here and are hung upstairs apart from the really new stuff. It's all good. And I got to see my old friend, M. Chat (below) from the roof.

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